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Wood flour T-grade GOST 16361-87

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Sums'ka Oblast', Sumy

Wood flour is used for the production:

1. phenolic plastic

2. industrial, polymer, and composite construction materials (welding electrodes, linoleum, polywood, isopod, paints, pastes, drywall, concrete,putty for wood, insulating sheets, bricks)

3. chemical products (catalysts)

4. filters and filter materials (instead of activated coal, etc.)

5. Metallurgicheskiy products in the manufacture of steels and ferroalloys as filler molds

6. oil:

(a) enhanced oil recovery

b) preparation of drilling fluids during well repair

b) technology killing the wells with anomalous geological conditions

g) polymeric binders for cement materials used to isolate zones acquisitions and water sources, plugging and repair of wells in combination with fillers ( talc, wood flour and other)

7.titanium dioxide by sulphate technology

8.pastes for dry cleaning hands

9.clean bearings and bellows from grease and dirt

Packaging bags of 40 kg.