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Original Honda engine oil from the USA.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Pal'chenkov Oleg
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk

Original Honda engine oil from the USA.

Oil is specially designed and commissioned manufacturers of Honda cars.

Motor oils are high quality and not only recommended but Honda and are the official factory oils, fill the car engine in production.

Oil belongs to the most modern class /SN/ per specification API - American petroleum Institute.

Also in the sale of Honda ATF DW-1 - transmission oil for automatic transmission Honda
Honda ATF CVT - transmission oil for automatic transmission variable speed type
Honda PSF - fluid in the power steering Honda
Honda MTF gear oil for manual transmission Honda
Honda DPSF-oil for Honda gearboxes

With original Honda oil engine running at maximum efficiency.
Original Honda motor oil is the oil of the highest quality, developed in the research laboratories of Honda in Japan. The oil complies with international technical requirements of the standard API. Engines fueled this oil have been tested for reliability and durability in accordance with the standards of Honda in the Russian context. Use genuine Honda oil to preserve the high performance of your car.

The advantages of original Honda oils

Due to its composition and the use of special additives, maintains and exceeds the strictest European standards and provides maximum protection for engines.

Improved fuel economy
Fuel savings of 8.4% registered as a result of factory tests. Savings are based on the use of special technologies for the production of oils with carefully selected components that reduces friction.
Improved lubricity
The reduction in friction reduces engine wear and increase the life of the car. Oil HONDA also retains optimal viscosity in any environment that provides the start of the engine even at low temperatures.
Improved sealing properties
Gap seal in the engine and providing maximum power characteristics.
Superior cooling svoistva
Cooling parts when working in high temperatures.
Superior cleansing properties
Not only lubricates, but also minimizes the formation of deposits.
Improved anti-corrosion properties
The prevention of corrosion of metal parts of the engine - a subtle, but very important feature of the engine oil.

A high standard of quality
Nothing can ensure optimal performance and longevity of Your Honda car is better than the original fluids, specially designed for Honda.

Choose any of the fluids Honda, and You don't have to doubt their quality. Why put the vehicle at risk of damage, slow performance, or costly repairs by using aftermarket fluids? Protect Your savings. Always insist on genuine Honda fluids when you visit an authorized dealer.


The use of non-genuine engine oil can lead
to decrease the efficiency of the engine
increase of fuel consumption
increase the level of emissions in the atmosphere

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