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The Siberian larch.any mouldings

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:Kompaniya 'Ecochemical'
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
Larch are various kinds of sliced and millwork that are fundamentally different from other profiles and calculated for different tastes of consumers.
For flooring, we offer: massive parquet boards, floor boards, decking Board, deck flooring, decking.
The history of wooden floors back many centuries. Fashion wooden floors fails, because the wooden floor has a number of exclusive advantages: heat retention, elasticity, external beauty and environmental friendliness. Natural wood floors are not just a decorative element. It's a certain lifestyle, a certain attitude and specific positive emotions. Although massive parquet Board confuses many - facet simulating cracks, different length of the plates, the complexity of the visual detection of sorts - but to the natural tree cannot be approached with the same kind of standards that the laminate.
Solid wood gives a special color to the interior, skillfully emphasizing its advantages, creating a home warmth and comfort, radiating light natural wood. This is a real find for those who appreciate style and eye for fashion trends of time.
For walls: paneling, Planken for internal and external finishing, the blockhouse, the casing, the bar. Clients usually consider paneling secondary background, not attaching much importance to the quality and grade of wood. This is wrong, because the walls play a more important role in the interior: combining vertical location of the sheathing boards with horizontal, using a wide range of colors of wood ( larch has more than 10 natural shades, combining which you can get a unique interior solution, in which the furniture will act as a supporting background).
The lining of larch
The lining is the name appeared at a time when manufacturers of cars used for covering the Board with double-sided sample (so that the walls of the carriage no gaps). Since then the name has stuck, although more correctly be called a siding - sheathing Board (as it is called in technical documents). Paneling can be termed as traditional battens and blockhouse and the Board with the selected quarter.
The lining is a flat wall panel is used for the decoration of offices, apartments and homes. Connection "thorn-groove" makes it easy to assemble panels. Available in three versions: classic" lining, "soft-line", "universal".