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Syrup Sbiten No. 10 Liquor

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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

The healing power of sbiten "Liqueur" is in extracts of pine and ginger. These two ingredients complement and enhance the action of each other.

Properties: has a tonic, stimulating, gemostimuliruyuschee, anti-stress, antioxidant properties. Sbiten has a nice spicy flavor and aroma.

Ingredients: extract of Siberian fir (cell SAP) production of the Russian-Australian biotechnology company Sолагран San, extract of ginger, gum Arabic, starch syrup.

The extract of Siberian fir (cell SAP) contains a whole range of nutrients: vitamins C, B1 and B2, provitamin A (carotene), maltol (the strongest natural antioxidant, flavonoids, macro - and micronutrients (iron, zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium). Fir extract is a natural adaptogen wide spectrum of action. It mobilizes its own protective forces of the body to resist various loads and diseases.

Ginger extract has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, improves the immune system. Especially useful sickly and people. This is a powerful antioxidant, which also has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

The gum Arabic resin of acacia Arabia, is an ideal food medium for bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, and facilitates their growth in the intestine.


-to strengthen the immune system, especially during respiratory viral infections, as well as sickly and people;
-acute and chronic infections of the upper respiratory tract;
-help to cope with increased physical and mental stress, mobilizes natural protective forces of an organism;
-effective in sluggishness, drowsiness, fatigue;
-children and adolescents during growth and physical development;
-for prevention of iron deficiency;
-at elevated emotional and psychological stress and stress leading to fatigue and exhaustion;
-neuroses of any Genesis, depressive and hypochondriacal syndromes;
-in climacteric disorders and premenstrual syndrome;
-to slow down premature aging;
to reduce the negative consequences of Smoking and alcohol consumption;
-for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract due to antiulcer, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory action, activation of motor-evacuation function of the intestine;
with reduced appetite stimulates digestion and activates the metabolism;
-to improve the biliary system;
-to reduce cholesterol levels and prevent the development of atherosclerotic changes in the vascular wall.
Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components.

Recommendations for use: 2 teaspoons of sbiten pour 200 ml of water (hot, warm or cold), stir. Take sbiten can several times a day. It contains no alcohol and is recommended for people of any age and occupation.

Children can be given sbiten with 1.5 years, provided that the child does not have individual intolerance of any of the components.

Manufacturer - LLC "Institute of LOP and NT", , Novosibirsk, Russia