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video lessons gardening and design

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
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Company:TOV Pchela
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Video lessons on gardening, DIY Paradise in the garden with his hands. It has everything from planting trees , shrubs , vines, care, cleaning, fertilizing, pest control, recipes collection record harvests. How to design your garden for every taste, to make a waterfall in the garden with his hands. Information on the website What is the difference between green thumb Amateur from the professional gardener. The lover loves the garden, and professional loves, knows and achieves excellent results when harvesting. Friends book videos and staviti professionals. 10 DVDs, video viewing 43 hours and 21 minutes, the CD is 35 UAH, the entire course 10 CDs - 250 UAH: DVD disc 1-pruning fruit trees 2 h 18 min 18 sec 1 - Garden tool 2 - On some peculiarities of the fruit tree 3 - Learn to trim an Apple tree 4 - Trim and molding young trees 5 - cut the pears 6 - Trim cherry 7 - Trim plum 8 - Pruning and rejuvenation of old trees 9 - Putty RAS 10 - Maintenance garden. Fertilizing and pest control 11 - a Few tips 12 - epilogue DVD No. 2 Trimming shrubs, fruit and ornamental view time 2 hours 2 minutes 1. Tools and accessories for trimming bushes and trees. 2. Pruning fruit bushes : currant, red currant, sea buckthorn, raspberry, gooseberry, black ash, honeysuckle, quince, Japanese game. 3. Pruning ornamental shrubs : hydrangea, forside , Buddle David, rose hips, hawthorn, cotoneaster, maple Ginala, such as, shamsid, snowberry, Darren white, 4. Caring for shrubs. 5. Budding fruit trees DVD disc 3 Grapes view time 3 hours 45 minutes: 1. Grafting of grapes ( salanie) 2. Pruning grapes (fall planting) 3. Pruning grapes ( spring planting ) 4. Planting grapes. 5. Shelter the grapes for the winter 6. Spring frosts DVD No. 4 the planting and care of garden view time 6 hours 8 minutes 1. The planting and care of garden trees. Part No. 1 2. Biologics Biovit and vermicompost 3. The planting and care of garden trees. Part No. 2 4. Features of the application apparatus Ectopic 5. Caring for stone 6. Care pome 7. Living energy garden 8. Plant protection without chemicals DVD disk # 5 garden design view time 4 hours 29 minutes 1. Reconstruction of the garden plot from the beginning to the end of the classic and natural style. Part 1 2. Reconstruction of the garden plot from beginning to end, creating a pond and waterfall. Part 2 3. Gardening secrets and tips (England Russian translation) 4. Suburban menus (England Russian translation) 5. The creation of artificial pond in your garden DVD No. 6 garden design view time 4 hours 33 minutes 1. Beautiful garden with his hands. 2. Garden pond design 3. The style and design of the garden 4. Elite gardens of England DVD # 7 Growing mushrooms in the garden of 3 hours 33 minutes 1. All about mushrooms. 2. Encyclopedia of mushrooms. 3. Dishes with mushrooms cooking. 4. Growing mushrooms at home. 5. Technology is growing ( fungus) cherries in the garden. DVD No. 8 Tips gardener Kurdyumov (all Kurdyumov) 2 hours 30 minutes DVD # 9 Growing vegetables 6 hours 16 minutes 1. Habitat for buying seedlings. 2. Gardening without chemicals. 3. The cucumber from sowing to harvesting. 4. Growing tomatoes. 5. Growing peppers DVD no 10 Garden without the hassle of 6 hours and 5 minutes 1. Garden without the hassle part 1 - 2 2. All about growing tomatoes Post delivery, payment after receipt of the drives, the drives cost + shipping cost. For more information and your wishes You can get to call (050)58-57-666, (097)95-19-729 Michael ate. hell., zweite and we will take the best decision of Your order .