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Emulsifier, lubricant for forms

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:13 UAH
Company:Neoba OOO
Seller:Vitalij Katrich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'

the lubricant forms a concentrated biodegradable
Colloidal alcohol composition based on mineral oils, naphthenic or sulfonic acids and their Soaps with additives of ethylene glycol. EMULSIFIER-BIO forms an emulsion when mixed with water.
Recommended to be applied on the surface of metal, wood or plywood shuttering with the objective of making the surfaces of the anti-adhesive properties to a cement-concrete and cement-lime mortar, metal, formwork, as well as for corrosion protection.
EMULSIFIER-BIO concentrate is biodegradable and leaves no dark or oily residue on the lateral surfaces of the foam blocks, which is typical for "testing". Therefore, these blocks have an attractive appearance and easy are plastered, which significantly affects the measurement of the quality of our products.
EMULSIFIER-BIO economical, as used in diluted conditions in the form of aqueous emulsions, well kept on horizontal and vertical surfaces. EMULSIFIER-BIO indispensable in vertically-cluster method of manufacture of articles of concrete, cellular concrete and reinforced concrete.
The appearance of the concentrate: homogeneous liquid brown.
Physico-chemical properties:
• the content of water and alcohol: 8 %;
• acid number (KOH): not more than 8 g;
• the total content of organic acids is not more than 4 %;
• stability 50 % emulsion: at least 6 hours;
• the pH of a 50 % emulsion: not more than 10;
• storage temperature: -20 to +40 0C