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The juice of XanGo strong immune system!

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Virtually any disease that can appear in man is a consequence of the fact that the immune system fails, it does not coped.

A strong immune system is to protect against viruses and parasites. It is a strong nervous system, good health and mood. It is the ability to cope with any stressful situation.

And yet, a robust immune system is sufficient the amount of antioxidants that do not allow to penetrate into the system free the radicals. This is something that destroys the cells and, as a rule, you receive Oncology, the cancer.

It all starts with the immune system!

In the modern world, with the crazy pace of life and stress just need more assistance, because their own system man can't cope.

Juice XANGO created just as the protection of the immune system. It functional food product and an antioxidant.

Totally natural, and allowed even for Allergy sufferers. It can drinking pregnant and nursing moms. It can be consumed by people with cancer. No no contraindications!


  • the pulp and peel of the whole fruit mangosteen,
  • water,
  • the orange juice concentrate,
  • concentrate pear juice,
  • concentrate grape juice,
  • the flesh of the pear,
  • concentrate, blueberry juice,
  • concentrate, raspberry juice,
  • concentrate strawberry juice
  • concentrate cranberry juice,
  • concentrate cherry juice.

The main thing is the mangosteen. It is the most studied fruit and he is the reservoir of the large number of natural antioxidants - xanthones. They are hundreds of times more powerful than vitamins a, E and C.

Concentrates complement this product with all the necessary the items that people need every day, but we do not doporucujeme with meals. And they create a great taste similar to multivitamin juice garnet.

1 box with 4 bottles of 750ml.

A full description of juice XanGo and Mangosteen read on the website