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The polypropylene twine, renovatory

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO TPK "Mir shnura"
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Twine is a universal and indispensable product. It is widely used in various industries for packaging products, stitching, tying anything. This is a very durable product and will reliably serve you when packing containers, agriculture, construction, and agricultural industries.

Modern twine is made by twisting several strands and fibers in one yarn, which gives the product greater strength due to the transverse forces in cross-section in longitudinal tension. And represents a thread of different materials. Both natural and synthetic. Polypropylene twine is made of fibers of a polymer of propylene (propene). The finished product twine has a white translucent color, but when using the color pigment production can meet different color. Due to the twisting of the individual polymer fibers have high strength characteristics. Today polypropylene twine produce various grades from TEX to 800 DTEX 3400. The number in the name of the brand is the density of twine. The greater the density and the thickness, the higher strength characteristics of the product under longitudinal tension. Modern production of splits is performed on the basis of the normative document GOST 17308-88 and must meet the required specifications.

To order a polypropylene twine you may have, contact our managers. All goods are manufactured according to GOST certified, protected against forgery and has a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.