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Ropey to say ( rope pitch )

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Ropey to say (rope resin) is a linen or of other fibrous material (natural or artificial) lock impregnated optionally antiseptic (antibacterial agent), woven in a special way that gives it enhanced biostability, good resistance to rotting, which significantly increases the lifetime.

Used in:

-the installation of sewer pipes;
-the renovation of urban water networks
-konopatke lower crowns parts, because it has antiseptic;
build log cabins of timber instead of tow,
-filling on the edges of the beam;
-konopatke wooden vessels;
-the manufacture of ropes for sailing ships.

Raw materials - rope made of hemp, flax, agave or other plant fibers (1-, 2-, 3-strand). Size - the diameter of 6-8 mm, 10-12 mm, Impregnating materials - coal-bituminous mastics, oil bitumen (BNI-4, BND, etc.), solvents, is made at an elevated temperature. The density of 1.09 g/CC Mass fraction of saturation is 40%. Breaking load not less than 27 kg.

Diameters - 10 - 40 mm (most used)
Now to find a ropey to say in retail sales is very difficult. In the home for sealing sewer pipes instead you can use a variety of available materials, independently impregnated with antiseptic compounds. Better suited for this flaxen strands (still sold in stores plumbing), but perhaps the use of other materials