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Polyurethane (sheet,round,pipe)

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Polyurethane instead of rubber of various grades (and in some cases, and metals), due to properties such as wear resistance, acid resistance, macrobenthos bone, high dielectric properties, and the ability to work under high pressures over a wide temperature range.


Polyurethane is a modern construction material
Due to their specific performance properties, the polyurethane is widely used as a replacement for various rubber stamps, rubber, metal and plastic in many industries. Products from polyurethane tolerate sudden atmospheric changes, shock-resistant, durable in operation and have properties which are inaccessible for conventional rubbers:
• flexibility (elongation at break 2 times more than rubber) • low abrasion (relative wear resistance is 3 times higher than rubber) • high strength (greater than the strength rubber 22.5 times) • high tear resistance and multiple deformations • the ability to work at high pressure (up to 105 MPa) • acid resistance and resistance to many solvents • high hardness (from 40 to 98 units Shor) • temperature range from -60°C to +120°C • resistance to microorganisms and mold • vibration resistance and oil • elasticity at low temperatures • high dielectric properties • ozone resistance • water resistance.
The polyurethane may be offered to You
parts (plates and cylinders) and in the form of fittings:
• leaves for lining and relining of the working chambers of various equipment;
• rods (cylinders) with a diameter of 24 mm and above in length from 125 to 600 mm;
• sealing cuff and ring round and rectangular cross section;
• shafts and push the shock absorbers for industrial equipment;
• toothed belts, round, wide, banded, etc.;
• casters, wheels, rollers, bushings, with a diameter of 30 mm to 800 mm.



Polyurethane due to its excellent performance characteristics is used as a structural material in many industries. Feature urethane elastomers - extremely high performance characteristics that are superior not only to all types of rubbers, and metals.

In the global market there are many brands of polyurethanes: adiprene, Vulkollan, volkoren.