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flexographic 6 colorful shirokorulonnye machine with the Central printing cylinder

Offer type: salePublished: 05.09.2017
Seller:Alekseev Sergej Aleksandrovich
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Ukraine

FDR-1200/6 flexographic 6 colorful shirokorulonnye the machine with the Central printing cylinder for applying multicolor the image on the rolled material width up to 1200 mm

Max. speed-250-250m/min

Type inking apparatus is closed, the doctor cameras

The number of printing devices 6 (6+6)

Max. print width, mm-1200-1200 (580+580)

Print length -300...670 mm

The type of drying - hot air

Max. the diameter of the roll in the unwinding/winding of -1000/800 mm

 6 colorful flexographic roll machine planetary build is intended for full color quality printing on flexible materials, such as polymer films, laminated materials and paper. Printing unit with Central the printing cylinder is fitted with radial colorful devices. The frame sections are molded design provides a good combination of colors and stable pressure in the printed areas. Printing cylinder and plate shafts installed the bearing with equipment companies SKF, INA high degree of accuracy. Printing cylinder has good precision manufacturing, coated with hard chrome coating, has a camera and system to connect to the installation the temperature control. Plate shafts are performed in accordance with the requirements of customer: chromium-plated metal or polymer pneumophila the sleeves. Inking unit with the doctor closed chambers have additional Raquel and equipped with ceramic anilox rollers firms "ZECHER" screen roll up to 300 l/see Automatic clamp and bend the plate cylinders for printing is carried out hydraulically. Configuring onslaught printed apparatus, transverse and longitudinal register is implemented by precision screw and helical gears. Section unwinding-winding feature rollers with pneumatic fixing roll. Constant tension in the area unwinding is an electronic system and a floating roller pneumatic regulation. At the entrance to a printing unit is installed the system of lateral alignment of the web. System tension on the winding provides the tension in the range of 40 to 250 N. The drive winding is supplied from asynchronous motor with feedback on the touch shaft and running from frequency Converter. Section installed cylinders cooling printed material with rotary couplings unions for removal of heat from the zone unwind winding machine. Drying by hot air with automatic the temperature control. All drying comprises drying between the printing unit and tunnel drying. These drying have separate temperature control for maximum effect. Hot air is supplied through the nozzle, installed between the printing unit and in a tunnel. From all zones drying has a system venting paint. The drive allows you to adjust the tension in the zone of the tunnel drying. The machine is equipped system video print with adjustable image magnification that allows it is convenient to control the printing (option). The camera has different modes positioning and simple control system. Electrical equipment is located in the electrical Cabinet and two control desks. Frequency converters machines are used firms MITSUISHI and ABB. Sensors are used TURCK. The machine provides high quality printing, easy to maintain and has a long service life. As an option the device coup paintings. This option allows for printing on the reverse side of the material. The unit is mounted on the frame of a transport machine system and does not increase its external dimensions. There are adjustment, which allows you to adjust the position of the blade after the coup in transverse and longitudinal direction, which facilitates alignment of the seal faces, "turnover". When printing on the reverse side maximum width 580 mm

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