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Euroshtacketnik metal wide choice of colors

Offer type: salePublished: 02.04.2022
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Euroshtacketnik is the simplest version of the fence to manufacture, but at the same time sold at the current price for both metal structures.As a general rule, galvanized steel with a polymer coating of the 5th generation is used for the production of a euroshtucket. This can be either one-sided or two-sided. 160-275 grams per square meter of zinc coating will be fully sufficient to counteract corrosion processes. 

The choice of dimensions is made from the position of length.

Advantages of the Euro package

Almost 100 years of durability

Complete absence of corrosion

Countering weather factors

Safety for the environment

Ease of installation and transportation


Scope of application of the Euro package

The described advantages eloquently indicate the fact that the Euro-fence has a fairly wide application, since it is an excellent analogue of the wooden or concrete fence familiar to our fellow citizens. At the same time, the high aesthetic properties of the canvas allow it to be used for the purpose of:

Home Ownership protection

Fencing of the territory of a commercial or non-residential object

Landscape decoration

Depending on the tasks, different options are used in length, shape and color.


In appearance, elegant slats have increased strength. They withstand strong gusts of wind and do not give up before other natural phenomena. And the effect of windage is largely avoided if you build a fence with gaps between the slats.

Long service life

A fence made of high-quality metal picket fence will not have to be changed or "corrected" for at least 100 years. And it is easily amenable to cosmetic repairs: it can be repainted or decorated at any time.

Fences made of euroshacketnik


One of the most popular ways to install a fence from a Euro-fence is considered to be the location of the slats not close together, but with a step of a certain width. However, builders and homeowners themselves invent more original options. For example, a "checkerboard" is a fence with alternating solid and transparent sections. A good solution if there are objects on the territory that need to be hidden from prying eyes.

But even if you assemble a completely blind fence or having blind areas, and then you want something more airy, you can always remove the extra bars from the fence and get a fence with a new "face". During installation, it is interesting to experiment with the height of the slats: for example, arrange them not strictly in one line, but in steps. It all depends on taste and imagination.