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B/GPA Jenbacher 616 GS 02, 1942 KW, 1999

Offer type: salePublished: 19.11.2019
Company:SUMAB Ukraina
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The representative of the Swedish company Sumab Energy offers You to get acquainted with equipment for production of electric energy and heat - cogeneration.

Sumab Energy company actively cooperates with the European equipment suppliers - MWM, Caterpillar, GE Jenbacher.

The company Sumab Energy uses in its projects B/install MWM, Caterpillar, GE Jenbacher with a little time, usually 30-40 000 operating hours (about 4-5 years), which allows to reduce the cost of the project 2 times! in comparison with the use of new equipment. All installations are fully maintained by qualified personnel and are in perfect working condition.

Gas power plants produce electricity from various types of gas fuel. Power plants are functioning:

natural gas
associated gas,
mine gas.
gas treatment facilities of sewage,
landfill gas,

Gas power plants have a simple and reliable design, verified by tens of years of operation in various climatic conditions. Electrical efficiency of gas-piston power stations is high in contrast, such as turbines and microturbines, and when working on high-quality natural gas is about 39-44%.

This means that to produce the same amount of electricity in comparison with turbines, gas power plants consume one-third (!) natural gas is less.

Gas power plants presented in a wide range of individual electric power from 800 KW to 4 MW. This power range is the main. That is, in the small and mid-range consumers it is possible to obtain almost any value of electric power Autonomous gas piston power plant.

Almost all models and brands of gas power plants in the expanded configuration can operate in cogeneration mode, i.e. as thermal power plants. The temperature of the exhaust gases at the outlet of the power machines gas power plants is ~ 390 ± 10° C. This temperature makes it easy to get almost free heat energy in cogeneration mode.

The ratio of issue of electricity and thermal energy equal to 1:0.9, i.e., 1 MW of installed electric power, it is possible to obtain 0.9 GCR thermal energy.

The ratio of the vapor production from gas power plants of equivalent to 0.5-0.7. Steam can be used for production purposes.

Specifications gas gensets Jenbacher 616 GS 02, 1942 KW, 1999.

Life only 15 000 hour.

The open type.


The pipeline
Control panel - New

Engine Brand Jenbacher

Engine type J 616 GS-C02

Power KW 1942

RPM 1500

Fuel Natural Gas

Generator Stamford

Volts 690

Hz 50

Year of manufacture 1999

Hours 15.000