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Buy any metal on a regular basis

Offer type: salePublished: 15.11.2019
Price:1 000 RUR
Seller:goman sergej
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Address:Russian Federation
The company buys surplus stock of metal products, electrical equipment, pumps, hoists and other item Buy on a permanent basis an unmarketable adskie remains in the reserve, stale, second grade (substandard) and illiquid products: • Metal products (pipes lying round, square, Parking, angle, channel, beams); • Electrical equipment; • Motors of all types from 1kW. to 1600квт. • Automatic switches AVM, АВ2М, VA • Electron. cable VVG, VVGng, VVGng(A)-LS, SBG, CSBG, СБ2лШв, and more. etc. • Tool cutting • Drives-ц2у ц2н C2 ц3у tsdn RM KTS CTD • transformers TM, TMZ, TMG TMN of TSSU TPMS etc. • hoists – Bulgarian, Russian 1 tons. to 12тонн. • Valves • pumps of all types. • thick-walled pipe diameter of 20mm from the wall and wisebottom glad to see You among our clients Work without a weekend. DEPARTURE FOR RUSSIA!