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Sell band sawmill Lyuis-1000-A

Offer type: salePublished: 15.11.2019
Price:35 000 UAH
Seller:Oleg Dmitrievich
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Sell horizontal band sawmill Lyuis-1000-A.

The machine is designed for longitudinal sawing of round timber and rectangular blanks for edging the Board.
The machine has a maximum size (diameter) blade pulley (900 mm) which allows the use of a greater length and width of the blade strips, which increases the durability.Also the increased diameter of the pulley allows you to increase the speed and ensure a more accurate kerf large decks.The machine is equipped with heavy carriage of the saw module and a powerful bed.
The machine is equipped with a leading 11kW motor and auxiliary motor to regulate the height of 0.5 kW.The electric parts of the machine located on the movable blade module. The sawmill is made from high-strength metal with a calculation of potential installation on the machine of additional functional support units: the hydraulic system mounting the workpiece, power supply saw module, laser line and other auxiliary devices.
The author and designer of the equipment that produced under specialized order , today takes pride of place in the development and sales of additional equipment for band sawmills and is open to any dialogue on the modification.
By purchasing at the stated price of the described machine, you save significantly on the creation of individual, reliable equipment to meet your needs.
Length deck-1-7 m
The diameter of the deck-1000mm
Vertical travel 900 mm
The cutting speed of 50 m/sec
The speed of movement of the carriage 3-18 m/min
Tape width 40-60 mm
Weight 1200 kg