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Edge banding machine Holz-Her Lumina 1588

Offer type: salePublished: 29.12.2022
Company:BK Tehnologicheskoe BYuRO
Seller:TEHBYuRO Stanki Derevoobrabotka
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The new LUMINA series offers a unique combination in the field of processing plate materials: two systems for perfect zero joint. System Glu Jet glue application for batch application of polyurethane glue and a new module for laser edges LTRONIC from HOLZ-HER, unmatched in speed and efficiency.
LUMINA 1588 performance is future-oriented milestone in the evolution of edgebanding. This machine is designed to achieve absolute peak performance. The internal structure of the ACCURA 1558 performance is highly flexible, allowing it can be individually adapted to your requirements. Two milling unit, corner buffing unit, as well as space for an optional mortising unit — all included as standard in addition to classic processing units. Up to 30 servosa CNC move these high-performance engines in the right place at the push of a button.
LTronic — edge replaceable laser module
Laser edging LTronic module specially developed for the machines series LUMINA. It can be used for all commercially available edge materials with a functional layer. For use with laser edge is available in two different module NIR:
the NIR module for edges up to a height of 23 mm (standard)
module NIR+to edge up to 45 mm (option)
(NIR = Near Infrared Radiation, near infrared radiation)
Enough to include and you can work — the new LTronic system doesn't take time to warm up, as well as stages of heating during operation. In addition, the whole system runs completely silently, which means an obvious advantage for the user compared to other systems. The need for cleaning is minimized. Only once in a week you need to clean the protective glass of the module NIR.
A notable feature is the edge materials library, fully integrated into the control system. It has stored data about the most common co-extruded edges, and edges are additionally coated that user can just select on the touch screen. For each laser edging needs a certain amount of energy, which is dependent, for example, thickness or color edging material. Once selected, the system LTronic automatically configures the appropriate amount of energy. Its library edge materials, the company HOLZ-HER perfectly solves this task.
Glu Jet automatic core glue system
Automatic reloading
The pressure cylinder presses the cartridge or granular material to the heating elements. When the cylinder reaches a certain position, the sensor delivers to the control system signal the need for refilling. In the current treatment process resuming suspended pending the outcome of applying the adhesive to the workpiece. Clamping cylinder moves back automatically, a new cartridge or granular material is fed from the store into the heating shaft and again pressed against the cylinder
Flush port for automatic cleaning systems, for example, to remove polyurethane glue.


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