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The surface gauge Stomana DMS 41. Thickness planer

Offer type: salePublished: 06.10.2020
Price:4 860 EUR
Company:BK Tehnologicheskoe BYuRO
Seller:TEHBYuRO Stanki Derevoobrabotka
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Planer for flat-sided workpieces to the desired thickness dimension (calibration). Our company "BC TECHNOLOGICAL BUREAU" represents a planer from the company STOMANA model DMS 41.
A machine of this type of gauge of the workpiece in the thickness dimension. Prior to calibration, one side of the workpiece must be machined on planer.
The surface gauge STOMANADMS 41 can process blanks with a thickness of 4 to 225 mm. the Maximum layer material removal in one pass – 4 mm.
Machine STOMANADMS 41 fitted with a cast iron brushed Desk size 406х700 mm.
The table has 2 bottom idle shaft, elevated above the table, to facilitate the passage of the workpiece. The adjustment of the thickness of the processed material is carried out manually by rotation of the flywheel. Height adjustment is carried out using a measuring scale.
Machine STOMANADMS 41 has two driving shaft, one shaft presses the blank and feeds it, and makes the second calibration.
The cutter shaft has a 4 knife.
The diameter of the knife shaft in the machine is 100 mm.
The fuse of the knife roller also performs the function of struzhkolomatelja.
Machine STOMANADMS 41 in the complete set has 2 motor.
Total electric motor power is 4 kW.
Two-speed engine feeding system is chain transmission of torque.
Power of feed motor: 0.75 kW.
Feed speed: 6 m/min and 12m/min.
A second electric motor through the belt drive rotates the cutter shaft at a speed of 4500 Rev/min.
To improve the operation and that dust and chips do not contaminate the machine output is provided under a system of aspiration. Extractor connection port diameter – 120 mm.


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