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Pyrometer Promin.

Offer type: salePublished: 05.11.2019
Seller:Sergej Paseka Dmitrievich
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Address:Ukraine, Cherkas'ka Oblast', Cherkasy

Offer from a warehouse pyrometer Promin.
Visual pyrometer "Promin" with a disappearing filament,in excellent condition and fully equipped. Designed to measure the surface temperature of incandescent solid and liquid bodies. the temperature measurement Range of the pyrometer Promin °C from 800 to 5000, and the split sub-bands: I - from 800 to 1400; II - from 1200 to 2000; III – from 1800 to 5000. Food thermometer Promin round special from the built-in battery (recruited from the "pill"battery charger), voltage 6V, power consumption of 1.2 watts. The optical system provides clear visibility of the object located in front of the lens at a distance from 0.7 m to optical infinity. Overall dimensions, mm: 180х72х150. The mass of the pyrometer Promin kg: not more than 1.0. Contents: - the device with a wrist strap; - AC charger UZ-1; - 2 PCs of batteries (one spare); - a photocopy of the Technical description and operating Instructions ; wooden case.
In the presence of a wide range of instrumentation.