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ORMA cold press flat series PFL (Italy)

Offer type: salePublished: 19.01.2023
Company:BK Tehnologicheskoe BYuRO
Seller:TEHBYuRO Stanki Derevoobrabotka
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Cold press can be equipped with 2 or 4 plates (on order), which can work independently from each other, with different pressure. Movable plates of a cold press is covered with metal sheets of great thickness. To facilitate the operation of loading and unloading order, the lower press plate are installed spring-loaded rollers, which during the phase of pressing hide in the grooves.

Mainly used for bonding flat pieces in a pack, for veneering flat pieces with one or two sides veneer, various plastics and films, and to obtain curved elements of furniture, wall panels, moldings, doors, veneer and composite materials. Used in furniture and door production of any power, facilities and workshops for the production of doors, furniture, curved parts of furniture, faced paper, plastic or veneer, thalamostriatal products and other wood production.

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