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Siphon MS-02 "Lotus wash Big" for a kitchen sink

Offer type: salePublished: 25.11.2018
Price:202 UAH
Seller:Min'ko Maksim
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Siphon MS-02 from SantehPlast lowest price on the market of Ukraine. We always advantageous to buy ifon, the "Lotus wash Big" (stainless issue 3½") for sinks with overflow and washing machine outlet, with flexible pipe 40x50.

Siphons for sinks – not that other, as the curved form of a pipe, which is designed to perform two functions. The presence of a water lock completely eliminates sewage odors. In addition, the plumbing u-trap prevents overflow of water.

To date, the siphons for kitchen sinks made from plastic which is not subject to rust and decay. There are also brass siphons, which is a pipe bent, or bottle-shaped, having a rigid construction of the drain. Simply Unscrew the bottom of the trap for detection of loss.

Corrugated form of a siphon for kitchen sinks is useful in cases if you plan to transfer washing to another location. It eliminates the need to extend local Sewerage pipe. Corrugation in the bend is fixed with a plastic tape, forming a lock. The remaining part of the siphon can be bend in any desired direction, which is undoubtedly very convenient when attaching it to the sewer pipes. Corrugated siphons for kitchen sinks has one significant drawback – needs regular cleaning, as very often clogged. Another variation of the siphon - bottle siphon plumbing, which provides for a corrugated pipe.

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