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Sunflower seeds finistère under the Euro-lighting

Offer type: salePublished: 30.09.2019
Price:1 450 UAH
Company:ChP “Semenovodcheskoe”
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

We offer seeds of hybrids sunflower finistère

Faction economy:

6.8 kg of p/e, price 600 UAH;

Fraction standard:

7.4 kg of p/e, the price is 1000 UAH;

8,8 kg p/e, price 1450 UAH;

Fraction extra:

9.5 kg of p/e, price 1600 UAH;


Seed finistère 2018 crop was grown in Zhytomyr region, category of generation F1, the content of seeds of the main culture 100%, a vigour of 94%, germination rate of 95%, the seed moisture content 7.7%.


Seeds of sunflower hybrid Finistère


PE " Seed "

The sunflower hybrid zoned for planting in the Steppe and forest-Steppe areas


This hybrid finistère resistant to the herbicidehave a "Euro lighting" (BASF)


Approbation signs sunflower hybrid:

A simple hybrid of the intensive type. Has fast start-up and growth stable yield. Absorbs the autumn and winter moisture reserves. Height plant 180 cm Baskets proprionate with a diameter of 23cm. The oil content of seeds contain 49%. The 1000 seed weight of 50 - 70g.

Biological features sunflower seeds:

Hybrid sunflower belongs to medium early group, the duration of the growing period of 105 days. Characterized by good resistance to lodging and stress. Tolerant to the main diseases: verticality, Sclerotinia baskets and of the stem. Has a high resistance to aggressive races of Broomrape (A B C D E). Resistant the Volgograd and famoso.


Yield and quality sunflower seed:

Yield potential is 49 t/ha.

The recommended density sowing:

For the zone of insufficient moistening of 50 to 55 thousand / ha

Zone of sufficient moisture 60-65 thousand / ha


Sunflower seeds trilinear hybrid finistère

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