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Pipe 32 mm insulation (highly reinforced bitumen-polymer)

Offer type: salePublished: 27.09.2021
Company:OOO 'Metall Import Grupp'
Seller:Troyanchuk Aleksandra Sergeevna
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Bitumen-polymer insulation system consists of Intap Smolnogo primer and bitumen-polymer film Intap 1.8 mm.
MAS insulation meets the requirements of DSTU:4219.2003.

Pipes are supplied in lengths 6 or 12 meters. Welded tube complies with the GOST 10704 (5).

Technical characteristics of pipe insulation:

Type of insulation: highly reinforced type reinforced type.

Regulatory compliance, trumpet: "GOST 9.602".

Regulatory compliance, isolation: "DSTU 4219.2003".

The composition of the insulating coating: polymer-bitumen waterproofing system Intap.

Prutovidnyi layer: polymer-Smolny primer.

Film layer: polymer-bitumen adhesive film Intap polyethylene-based.

Segments of pipe: 6 / 12 meters.

The timing of pipe coating: 150 running meters per day.