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Valve ПИК 155-2.5 UM, Valve ПИК 155-0,4 UM

Offer type: продамPublished: 30.11.2017
Seller:Torgovyij Dom 'KMZ' Kristina Aleksandrovna
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine
Valve ПИК 155-2.5 UM, Valve ПИК 155-0,4 UM

Dimensions: 155х168х65 Landing size,mm 155,0 drawing Number: ПИК155-2,5-AM manufacturer: VIENYBE (Venibe), Lithuania Material: aluminum alloy Parameters: suction,discharge gas Compressed: air,nitrogen,hydrogen,inert gases Weight,kg: 2,7 Diameter,mm: 155х168 Height,mm: 65,0 Made by: ИСТ8271432-4:1996 ОСТ26-12-2005-78 Outer diameter,mm: 155х168 Maximum differential pressure,kgf/cm2: 2,5 (25,0) design: flow Classification: valve reciprocating compressors Design: self-acting,collapsible climatic performance: UHL4
valve ПИК155-2,5 AM
Lithuanian valves 155-2 PEAK,5 A
the direct-flow valve PIC-155-2.5 AM
in-line valves Venibe ПИК155-2,5 AM
valves of reciprocating compressors PEAK-155-2.5 A
the suction valve of the compressor PEAK 155-2,5 AM
the discharge valve of the compressor PEAK 155-2,5 AND
self-acting direct-flow valve PIC-155-2.5 AM collapsible design for Porsche
nevah compressors, compressor units, air, gas, with the number of Capa-
tov crankshaft to 750 rpm
valve ПИК155-2,5-AM can be installed as suction and discharge
in-line valves Venibe ПИК155-2,5-AM in the nest of a cylinder mounted on proc-
ladco and pressed a flashlight across the surface of the support collar
valves of reciprocating compressors PEAK-155-2.5 A before installing reckoner-
to wirawati, rinse in white spirit or other organic solvent and dried, FAS-
th air
Lithuanian valves PEAK 155-2,5 AND supplied already mounted: saddle, set of plates, strips
retainers, circlips
the direct-flow valve PIC-155-2.5 UM replaces valves: LU-155-1.6, CTC-155-2.5, sat. 100sp,
101Сп sat., 2 sat-3, sat 2-4, KV-155-0.4 KN-155-0.4
landing diameter, mm: 155,0
the maximum pressure drop, MPa (kgs/sm2): 2,5 (25,0)
compressed gas: air, nitrogen, inert gases
weight, kg: 2,7
manufacturer: VIENYBE (Venibe), Lithuania
spare parts for piston compressors FOR Krasnodarneftegas
spare parts for reciprocating compressors, Compressor plant OAO Krasnodar
spare parts for reciprocating compressors, nitrogen air
spare parts for reciprocating compressor units nitrogen air
delivery, shipment, shipment to any city in the region