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Press machine for hot stamping foil and printing of TJ – 90A

Offer type: salePublished: 25.02.2018
Price:16 400 UAH
Company:Euro Equip
Seller:Menedzher Euro Equip
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
) Especially for You the optimum solution for small and medium businesses. Press for printing and hot foil stamping TJ – 90A, designed to work with small and medium print runs and is best suited for advertising agencies, printers and to start your profitable business .
Powerful metal steel construction press for stamping - what you need for a good press. All components and parts are made just with a large margin of safety.
Press for stamping TJ – 90A provides a continuously adjustable and constant during the entire run the pressure up to 2000 kg. It allows high quality to consistently perform any kind of work on the embossing. Hence its wonderful possibilities, is often beyond the capabilities of similar characteristics, but much more expensive presses from other manufacturers.
Compared with cheaper models of hand presses with the so-called "rack and pinion" drive mechanism, the press of hot stamping foil brand TJ – 90A with the Cam actuator provides a fixed and constant pressure of 2000 kg - 2 tons !!! In the "rack" designs presses the contact force depends on the effort applied by the printer, and at the end of the day tired printer, usually Tissot with less effort, which leads to unstable results and, consequently, to marriage.
Properly tuned hand press for stamping TJ – 90A ( height adjustment of the table should ensure a full stroke of the handle ) while pressing the handle until it stops at each print provides constant pressure. This gives us the stability of the imprint and the absence of defects, regardless of the fatigue of the printer.
Temperature of heating plates up to 300 degrees Celsius suggests the possibility of blind stamping, and the use of any foil from any manufacturer. Press design provides automatic and accurate feeding of foil embossing in the process.
Press for stamping TJ – 90A characterizes the robust construction and high power heating elements. These elements allow to maintain a constant and ongoing operation of the press.

The maximum embossing area mm 60 x 90
The maximum pressure, kg 2000
Maximum temperature, °C 300
Maximum working stroke of the cliché, mm 35
Maximum height of workpiece, mm 110
Broach foil auto
Adjustable foil feed, 0-140 mm
Drive type cliches manual
Maximum performance cycles per hour 1800
Power supply, V/kW 220/1,2
Weight kg 9.5
Dimensions D/W/h, mm 600/500/900
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