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The magnetic lifters MPGV-320

Offer type: salePublished: 19.04.2019
Company:OOO 'KOEMZ'
Seller:Popkov Mihail
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
KOEMZ sells: Lifters magnetic MPGV-320.
The magnetic lifters MPGV-320 with the Cam mechanism of separation is indispensable when working with metal sheets with a thickness of 4 mm. Through the use of ferrite magnets in the construction of the lifters creates a closed loop magnetic field, which allows you to capture only a single sheet without sticking the next sheet. Using multiple lifters, hung on a traverse, you can move large sheets.
Load capacity - 320 kg.
The force on the gap - 960 kg.
Dimensions - 292х182х215 mm.
Weight - 17,5 kg.
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