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Gland M50-3sat

Offer type: salePublished: 31.01.2024
Company:OOO PKP 'Gazsel'stroj LTD'
Seller:Aleksandr Yur'evich
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Address:Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Ukraine, Zaporizhia
Gland M50-3sat

Drawing number:M50-3satParametersAssemblyWorking pressure,kgf/cm2:up to 2,5(25,0)

SKU: 5П8022

In stock: Yes

gland M50-3sat
the seal Assembly M50-3sat
gland M50-3sat, Assembly:
case КСВМ50-01 - 1 piece, clip 50/02-01 - 1 piece, clip 50/03-01 - 1 PCs,
reducers 50/04 - 1 PC, flange 50/33 - 1 PCs, ring throttle 1ВМ50/13 - 3 PCs
cuff 1Г50/11 - 3 PCs, ring maslovataya 50/02 - 1 piece,
ring maslovataya 50/31 - 1 PC, spring 50/20 - 3 pieces, the spring 32/21K - 6 PCs,
ring mukoliticescoe 50/32 - 4 PCs, ring mukoliticescoe 50/34 - 1 piece,
ring rubber o-105-110 - 1 piece
designed for air, gas, reciprocating compressors with lubricated cylinders
without a supply of lubricant to the seal
working pressure, kilogram * force/cm2, not more than 25,0
gas compressed: air
gland M50-3sat compressor 205ВП-12/220, 305ВП-12/220
the seal Assembly M50-3sat compressor 205ВП-16/70, 305ВП-16/70
gland M50-3sat to the compressors 205ВП-20/18, 305ВП-20/18
the seal Assembly M50-3sat for compressors 205ВП-20/35, 305ВП-20/35
gland M50-3sat compressor 205ГП-12/220, 305ГП-12/220
the seal Assembly M50-3sat compressor 205ГП-16/70, 305ГП-16/70
gland M50-3sat for compressors 205ГП-20/35, 305ГП-20/35
the seal Assembly M50-3sat to the compressors 205ГП-20/18, 305ГП-20/18
gland M50-3sat compressor 505ВП-20/18, 505ГП-20/18, 5С5ГП-20/18
spare parts for air, gas, piston compressors, on the basis of 5P:
spare parts for piston compressors the Moscow compressor plant "Borets"
spare parts for piston air compressors 205ВП, 305ВП, 505ВП
spare parts for gas reciprocating compressors 205ГП, 305ГП, 505ГП, 5С5ГП