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Shoes dryer UV antibacterial

Offer type: salePublished: 11.11.2017
Price:200 UAH
Company:"Moya Postel'ka"
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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Nova Odesa

Made in Ukraine
12 months Warranty

The dryer is intended for drying shoes and maintaining it in excellent condition even in the chilly and wet seasons.

The main "highlight" of dryers - ultraviolet radiation , the technology, already so familiar in our lives, but so unusual for shoes and care for her.

Heat and ultraviolet light allows you to quickly dry wet shoes and save shoes from germs, odor, bacteria, and microorganisms causing fungus.

Shoe dryer with constant use prevents extra smell and bacteria .

Ultraviolet radiation is so gentle that is suitable for drying even the most delicate of shoes, does not damage the leather, suede, fur, the inside temperature the Shoe remains relatively low, it allows not to break the glue joints shoes.

Technical data:

- Voltage - 220 V.
- Maximum power consumption is 12 watts.
- The temperature of the element during the drying not more than 50-60 C.
- Time of drying - 3-6 hours.
- Unit weight is not more than 0.5 kg.
- The installation of the required temperature not less than 20 min.
- Length - 15.5 cm.
- Width 7.5 cm
Thickness - 3.5 cm.

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