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Pre-emergence herbicides, Acetochlor, Prometryn

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2018
Seller:Matsevich Anastasiya Volodimirivna
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Sugar (Acetochlor)

Chemical feature
The content of active substance: acetochlor, 900 g/l
Chemical group: chloracetamide
Physical form: emulsion concentrate
Packing: 20 l
• Broad spectrum activity against grasses and some dicotyledonous weeds
• Long protection period from 8 to 14 weeks
• Will not affect subsequent crops
• Retains moisture and structure of the surface layer of the soil by reducing its mechanical treatments

Perun (Prometryn)
Chemical feature
Content of active ingredient: prometryn, 500 g/l
Chemical group: triazine
Physical form: suspension concentrate
Packing: 5 l
• Effectively control annual dicotyledonous and grass weeds, including wild mustard wild radish
• Long-term protective effect – 10-12 weeks
• The ideal partner for tank mixtures with other soil herbicides
• Not phytotoxic
Mechanism of action
PERUN – herbicide selective action. The drug absorbed by both shoots and roots of germinating weeds in the use of the drug prior to their germination. The weeds that come up, PERUN operates through leaves. The effectiveness of the drug is achieved due to the ability of the active substance drug (prometryn) to block the process of photosynthesis in weeds.

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