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Electrode gorelektroseti АНО4 diameter 4 5 mm

Offer type: salePublished: 05.03.2018
Price:21 UAH
Seller:Nikitskij Aleksandr
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
  Used for welding of metal structures of nizkouglerodistoj steels with a carbon content of not more than 0.25%. Electrodes ANO-4 are characterized by good welding - technological and sanitary-hygienic properties. These electrodes form a good seam metal, high resistance to formation of hot cracks and porosity.
With the use of these electrodes is allowed to weld, such as wet, rusty, and poorly treated from different metallic oxides. Electrodes ANO-4 are characterized by good ignition of the welding arc where it is recommended to use weld designs for heavy duty