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Parts 2ОК-1.

Offer type: salePublished: 09.05.2017
Price:10 000 UAH
Company:Kompaniya 'REChKOMDNEPR'
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Address:Khersons'ka Oblast', Beryslav, Ukraine
Good Day! Our Company "RECKONER" have the opportunity to supply compressor 2ОК1: Compressor 2ОК1 with the zip without the water pump 2ОК1 Compressor with spare parts and water pump 2ОК1 El. compressor with spare parts and water pump without electrical 2ОК1.E5-E6(220V/380) Electrocompressor with zip without pump and equipment 20K1.E5-E6 Electrocompressor with zip, water NASA and electrical equipment 2ОК1.E5-E6(220V/380) Frame compressor 2ОК1.1 Crankshaft 2ОК1.08 Cylinder liner 2ОК1.02 Bearing end 2ОК1.2.1 Bearing 2ОК1.2.2.1 Rod bare 2ОК1.17.1 The connecting rod Assembly with bearing crank 2ОК1.17 Bearing crank 2ОК1.17.1/2 Ring valve stem 2ОК1.8.3 Bolt with nut 2ОК1.17.06/07 Sleeve 2ОК1.17.08 Strip 2ОК1.17.09 Strip 2ОК1.17.12 Strip 2ОК1.17.12-01 Strip 2ОК1.17.12-02 Piston complete with rings and finger 2ОК1.22 Piston bare 2ОК1.22.01 Finger 2ОК1.22.02 Set: cover of the piston 2ОК1.22.03 1pc ring, stacked 2ОК1.22.04 6pcs Ring o 2ОК1.22.05 Ring o 2ОК1.22.06-1 Ring malololelei 2ОК1.22.07-1 Screw 2ОК1.22.08 Compressor cylinder 2ОК1.35-1 Compressor cylinder 2ОК1.35-1-01 Sleeve vodoprovidna 2ОК1.35.03 Cover compressor 2ОК1.78-2 Valve 2ОК1.86.3-2 Spring 2ОК1.86.15 The damper plate 2ОК1.86.18 The damper plate 2ОК1.87.03-1 Spring 2ОК1.87.04 Valve 2ОК1.87.1-2 Pump water 2ОК1.123-1 The impeller of the pump 2ОК1.123.1.1 The water pump shaft 2ОК1.123.1.2 Ring o 2ОК1.123.06-1 Spring 2ОК1.123.08-1 Sleeve case 2ОК1.123.24-1 Refrigerator 2ОК1.183 The refrigerator case 2ОК1.183.03 Section of the refrigerator 2ОК1.183.1 Refrigerator high d-I 2ОК1.184 Protector 2ОК1.184.03 Separator 2ОК1.185 The valve 2ОК1.185.1 The separator body 2ОК1.185-01 The valve 2ОК1.185.3 Valve 2ОК1.185.3-01 Valve 2ОК1.185.3-02 Spring 2ОК1.185.26 Spring 2ОК1.185.31 Retaining ring Retaining ring Strip 36х42 24.6.14 001.15 Strip 45х53 Strip 18х28 Strip 52х42 Strip Strip 91х99 Strip 101х109 Strip 116х126 Strip 126х134 The gasket 12 × 18 Strip 14х20 Strip 16х22 Strip 20х26 Strip 22х30 Strip 24х32 Strip 27х33 WE WILL BE GLAD TO COOPERATE WITH YOU!!! Sincerely, The Company "Reckoner" Mob.+38(096)-574-05-43; Mob.+38(066)-878-87-54;