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In(isolators)S-31P for any machinery/equipment/technique

Offer type: продамPublished: 22.02.2022
Price:275 UAH
Seller:Homenko Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv
Implement the universal anti-vibration mount S-31P, which suit any modern equipment, the Soviet/modern machines, equipment, units.

Anti-vibration mount designed for passive and active vibration control of machine tools of any size.

Technical specifications:

The smallest working load not less than 50N (5кгс)
The greatest workload, no more 35000Н (3500кгс)
Stud M16 (probably the M24)
The diameter of the cushion 140mm
The seat cushion height 60mm
The total height 132mm
Climatic modification - UKHL4

Package content:

Will 1pc.
Stud M16 (M24 optional) 1pc.
Nut 1pc.
Washer 2pcs.

Standard vibroport is the M16 bolt that fits all modern and Soviet equipment. Our company can produce the pin-to-order (M24).

Anti-vibration mounts S-31P is not maintenance-free and fully retain their characteristics in the process of operation.

Not corrode, does not rot, does not become old and are not deformed.

The anti-vibration mounts fully comply with the technical conditions TU2-024/5997-87.

Price per 1 PCs in complete - 275 UAH.
For orders of 20 pieces discount 5 UAH/ piece.

For our supports, we have invented two kinds of special plastics, one of which serves as a "cushion" in vibrocore and the other corps.
For its General characteristics in of our advanced materials far ahead of the metal counterpart.