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Sell paper bags (Kraft bags) to Kiev

Offer type: salePublished: 28.11.2015
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Advantages of paper bags for packing your goods today, it is hard to overestimate. Retail stores of all types strive to stand out among competitors using, including the original packaging. What are the advantages of paper bags made from Kraft paper?
The paper provides breathability, which is important to preserve the useful properties and qualities of the packaged goods.
Bags from Kraft paper produced from natural raw materials, resulting in products that are completely harmless to human health and the environment. Packages as though to emphasize the naturalness and sustainability of your product.
Bags are made from quality Kraft paper of 80-120 g/sq. m. They are sturdy and can withstand from 5 to 10 kg.
Paper bags can be manufactured in a variety of colors, including taking into account the corporate identity of your company. Quality printing of your logo.
To make a booking now, please call: (096) 492-82-88.
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