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Plastic and metal containers

Offer type: salePublished: 26.11.2015
Company:OOO "Profi-tara"
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Korolev

The warehouses of the company "Profi-Tara" you can find almost the entire range of plastic and metal containers (more than 600 titles!). We supply our customers as usual bins for products and barrels (plastic and metal), so the big cubic containers (tank waste), garbage and large-size containers, and various other types of vessels made of metal or plastic (polymers and polyethylene). The geography of activity of our company includes the whole territory of the Russian Federation.

Products supplied by our company are in high demand for a very wide range of large production and trading organizations and individuals. the packaging suitable for transport and store in it the most varied content, of different density, volume, chemical composition and weight. One suited for her small hard things, the other for large amounts of any liquid and so on. To become more familiar with the full range supplied by our company products You can find on our site profitara.ruwhere presents a detailed description and illustration for each of the available types of containers. This list of products includes goods the most popular and well-established manufacturers. The quality of any purchase is guaranteed at the highest level.

The company "Profi-Tara" is a fast-growing organization, despite tough competition, and already have significant experience. This is possible because we offer our customers high quality products at an affordable price and always deliver goods at the right place and at the appointed time, and never a summing of their customers. Purchasing the necessary containers for home, warehouse, manufacturing or other purposes in our company, You are guaranteed will not regret it and will be satisfied. The size of the purchase is practically unlimited, as possible wholesale supply in huge volume for large industrial enterprises and small supplies for home use or small businesses. We are ready at any time to execute any order.