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hybrids of sunflower "neo", "Toledo"

Offer type: salePublished: 07.09.2017
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Company:NVF Gran
Seller:NVF Gran Anastasiya
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Neo(107-110 days) tolerance to Granstar
Saragosti, tolerance to Granstar
On trial since 2013
Plant height 180-190 cm, Diameter of the basket 23-25 cm
Yield in competitive trial of 42 t/ha
Yield potential is 54 kg/ha
• intensive growth in the early stages of development
• high resistance to Broomrape ( 6 races) and plasmopara viticola
• resistant to lodging and very resistant to air drought
• adapted to different climatic and agrotechnical conditions
The oil content of 51-52 %

Toledo(106-109 days)
tolerance to Granstar
The breeding company Quality crops Argentina • Potential yield 47 t/ha. • a Hybrid type called "Stay green", ie the stem and leaves until the end of the vegetation remain green • Resistant to the herbicide based on tribenuron-methyl (Granstar) • vegetation Period 108-115 days. Plant height 175-180 cm •growth rate at the initial stage of the growing season above average. • The number of sheets 28-30 pieces • Basket of thin, without bends (straight) • Luzzatti 22-24%. • The density of plants to harvest: forest 52-56 thousand/ha steppe 48-52 thousand/ha., the southern steppe 44-48 thousand/ha. Tolerant to Broomrape (Broomrape) to the races E, highly tolerant to Phomopsis, and rust.
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