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Packaging for fast food. Kids menu.. Wrapping paper, folder

Offer type: salePublished: 18.11.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Bright, catchy and beautiful that will delight the customer, delight the children and You. Logo, drawing - any

Packing the kids menu.Our menu box for fast food is very convenient in transportation and shipping. Because the menu involves two or more goods, the box may be relatively heavy, and for convenience, we have made special handle, with box you can conveniently carry, retaining the easy opening mechanism the box. Packing size for Kids menu 117 x 117 mm, height 132 mm.

Leaflets on the tray – are a mandatory element of service visitors in the networks of fast food restaurants. This is not the only way beautiful service, but also the opportunity to bring to the attention of the client information about your products, new services, discounts and promotions to acquaint visitors with the list of addresses of the entire network of restaurants of your institutions. Leaflet with interesting, useful and beautifully presented the information will help originally present product during service and details to acquaint visitors with your company.Standard size flyers h, but can be other the dimensions are convenient for You.

Wrapping sheets of parchment paper are used for packing different types of food: burgers, Shawarma, sandwiches, sandwiches, sausages, fish and meat products, as well as culinary baking.
Parchment is an environmentally friendly material, it is durable, heat resistant, impervious to moisture and fats.
We offer a convenient size wrapping sheet Hm.

The minimal circulation for wrapping sheets and flyers on tray -5 St.
Kids menu - min. circulation from 1000 pieces.
Samples of the packaging send free
Delivery in Ukraine