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Foam filler

Offer type: salePublished: 17.11.2015
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Seller:Nikolaj Ivanov
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Foam filler is a modern and reliable way to protect when transporting cargo. It provides good fixation of the product inside the package, protects against external factors.

Filler is a small granules of foamed plastic, standard size 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 – 2 cm more Often the granules have a white color, but for variety and satisfaction aesthetic taste of consumers they are made colored.

Shape of the pellets is of great importance. Depending on the type of cargo, used bulk packaging with the following configurations:

  • in the form of the letter "S" or figure – eight to protect when transporting fragile goods;
  • in the form of the letter "W" is a soft filler with a custom design;
  • corrugated for sturdy fixing content because ribbed pellets more reliably seizes with each other.

The foam has earned the trust of production, postal, medical companies and ordinary citizens and became widely be used due to their advantages. First of all, this:

  • The lightness of the material. Styrofoam beads with a volume of one liter weigh only 4 – 5g, while Kraft paper of 40 g, and bubble film 20 g. Given that the weight of the parcel depends on the value of its delivery, this filler is most favorable.
  • The strength and ductility. Compressing under load or shock, it exhibits a viscoelastic response.
  • Non-hygroscopic, that is, almost does not absorb water.
  • High thermal insulation properties. It is important when transporting, for example, medicines and medical equipment.
  • The fire resistance.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • The ease of use. The filler is odorless, does not attract dust, does not cause allergies.
  • It does not develop microorganisms.
  • Climate resilient. Does not change shape, size, properties with changes in temperature, humidity, pressure.
  • Mnogorazovogo use.

Foam filler recently found another unusual scope – Handmade. Colored granules craftswomen used to create handmade masterpieces.

As exclusive manufacturer of foam filler, its we offer customers not only high quality packaging material, but also a pleasant bonus - a discount of 5 % of the order value in case of payment through Internet-Bank "Privat24". Remote ordering and payment via Privat24 and savings to obtain the desired product.