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Oak barrels from 1l to 500L

Offer type: salePublished: 17.11.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
Manufacture and sale of oak Barrels! Trademark "Bochki" ("Barrels") cooperage presents You high quality products. Our barrels hold not only wine, but also spirits, cognac, whisky, brandy that is very rare. This allows us to work in Europe!!!
Today we are pleased to offer to the admirers of ancient traditions and environmental lifestyle product of our hard work – the cooperage company "Barrel".
Sticking to the old traditions of the Cooper cases (creation of a blind rivet in accordance with all standards and technologies, processing beeswax, etc.), we are manufacturer of oak products from 3 to 500 litres such as: oak barrels for drinks, tubs for pickles, tubs, bath tubs for a bath, phyto barrels, wooden buckets, supernice and buckets, and oblivnye device (bucket - waterfall) for baths and saunas.
Cooper is a very ancient profession. Different masters and craftsmen of this case called the betrothed or bochar. They were engaged in that made wooden tubs, barrels, or other bruchou the dishes.
Irreplaceable things there, but sometimes, in our life come across such things that something you can replace, but don't want to. Because, understand that you will not receive this change, nor the right effect, neither the desired result nor emotional satisfaction. For example, a wooden barrel – thing that the farm is just necessary and there is no weird science or technological progress will not replace it. There are different oak barrels and their varieties. Some are full containers with only two holes of small diameter, one for Bay beverage, and the other for the faucet. At the time of use oak barrels for beverages, these openings are closed by the valve and tube. Other oak barrels made on the same principle, but they do not have the drainage hole, and instead of a wooden top cover, it comes with a burden. This type of packaging is used for pickles. The second popular form of oak barrels for pickles is a tub of pickles. Difference tubs from the barrel only in the form, the other qualities remain unchanged. In a barrel or tub for salting, you can always pickle the cabbage or cucumbers, put in the bath or in the garden, but in oak barrels for beverages can be stored excellent home-made wine or brandy.
Historically, almost all over the world, manufacture of wooden barrels was considered a hard manual job. As every wooden product ( a barrel, a tub, a plunge pool or a glass ) – it turns itself unique and inimitable!
The Cooper case can be considered as folk art. Of course, like any other craft, Cooper case has a lot of nuances, subtleties and tricks of the trade you need to know to produce high quality and successful result. Therefore, the secrets of the craft are not lost and are transferred by masters from generation to generation, and the demand for such products every year more and more, wooden drums purchased in restaurants, pubs or cafes, also do without them baths, wineries, Breweries, and ordinary citizens.
Our cooperage frequently appear on TV in commercials all the famous brands of alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic.
This once again confirms the quality of our products and our attitude to the production process. Because you can relate to this case only as to the business and eventually destroy the tradition of excellence that were created hundreds of years ago. We are one of the first and one of the main companies involved in technology, quality and monitor the environment of each tree used. We hold leading positions for the selection of quality wood, and of training masters. Each product is individually tested by the chief technologist and only then loading into our transport for further shipment to the destination.