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Edged Board - sweeper

Offer type: salePublished: 13.11.2015
Price:1 700 UAH
Company:Tato Karlo
Seller:Yatsenko Oleg
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast'
The manufacturer of forest products "Tato Carlo" (Vyshneve, Kyiv St. 4) implements the lumber from softwood and hardwood:
* the Board:
- edged and not edged
- for temporary and permanent structures (fences, temporary housing)
- the draft Board for ceiling and floor
* construction beam,
* roof system (rafters, plate, racks, sheathing, joists, beams),
* formwork (edged and not edged boards low cost, pegs for fastening formwork, beams and boards for scaffolding),
* mounting rail,
* a template for the production of pallets and containers,
* wood waste, firewood, sawdust.
!! As well as temporary and permanent wooden structures for the garden.

We manufacture products on individual order, of any cut, quality and length, in the shortest time, organize the delivery and unloading of the object. A flexible system of discounts.
We will be glad to long-term cooperation