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Motor oil Total Rubia TIR 8600 10W-40 20L

Offer type: salePublished: 09.11.2015
Price:1 837 UAH
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Oil motor TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8600 10W-40, 20 l

 It high-tech lubricating liquid, suitable for diesel power installations are based on the synthetic technology of "Total".
- All diesel engines developed by European auto companies with new standards;
- Lubricant obtained using synthetic technology, suitable for all kinds of diesel engines of industrial transport, irrespective of the system of the turbocharger;
- The product is optimized for engines corresponding to standards EURO 3 and more ancient standards;
- The oil is suitable for all automobile engines with Euro 4 and 5, but for with the exception of grades of "MAN" and "DAP".
- ACEA E7, E4 and E5.
Approval from the companyth
"Mercedes Benz" (MB-Approval 228.5), "MAN" (3277 M), Volvo (VDS-3), Renault (RXD, RLD 2), "Scania" (LDF-3, LDF-2), "MTU OIL" (Type 3), "Iveco".
Main advantages:
Developers significantly increased oil change intervals and reduced costs maintenance.
This motor oil is recommended by almost all engine manufacturers to to overcome the longest intervals, reduce oil changes, as well as reduce simple vehicle. The use of oil enables easy to cold start, ensuring no disruptions operation.
- High anti-wear properties, lack of oxidation, corrosion protection.
- It is recommended by many manufacturers in Europe;
- A simple "cold start", as well as stable operation in the process of operation;
- Outstanding anti-wear, high resistance to oxidation processes;
- Corrosion characteristics;
- Good detergency and dispersancy properties;
- Outstanding quality that are provided by the base oil and the balance additives.

The price - UAH 1837

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