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Hemp seed oil 100% pure 500ml.(spill)

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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv
The composition of hemp oil

The oil is obtained by cold pressing the hemp seed. Cold pressed retains polyunsaturated fatty acids, making the oil an effective preventive tool, allows you to maintain the complex of vitamins and minerals sensitive to heat, chemicals and sunlight.

Hemp oil is a unique food product. It contains the maximum amount of unsaturated fatty acids, compared to other known oils – linoleic, oleic, palmitic, and stearic acid. Hemp oil contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E, K, and O. Also it consists of various trace elements and amino acids.

Recent studies have shown that this oil contains carotene, chlorophyll and tannins in sufficient quantity.

Chlorophyll is a substance having antitumor activity. It gives the oil a greenish tint.

Use and the use of hemp oil

Hemp oil is used both internally and externally. Inside recommended as a cleansing and tonic at the metabolic, hemorrhoids, cystitis, urethritis, with a strong cough, pulmonary tuberculosis and jaundice. Oil is recommended in rickets, as a means of improving lactation in nursing mothers.

Also the oil is recommended for impotence – cannabis seeds enhance the function of sexual glands.

Hemp oil has wonderful nourishing, protective and regenerating properties. It returns softness and elasticity to the skin, effectively combats dehydration, due to its ability to retain moisture in the skin. It has high penetrating power, and is absorbed quickly without greasy, strengthens capillary walls.

Recommended for dehydrated, dull, tired skin. For the care of wrinkled skin, and also for preventive care for skin prone to wrinkles.

Oil effectively for sciatica – they rubbed aching joints, which are then insulated. Oil put erysipelas, bruises, fractures, mastitis, diathesis, scrofula.

Health to You and Your family!
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