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Zebra GX420T - new model of the G series from Zebra Technologies

Offer type: salePublished: 28.11.2014
The company Zеbrа Tесhnolоgies presented one of the most compact desktop printers - Zеbrа GX420t.
Novelty is a printer initial class thermal transfer printing. Many experts compare the device with its famous predecessor model Zеbrа ТLP 2844, but unlike ТLP 2844, RAM GX420t increased to 8 MB, and was increased long continuous printing, which is now 991 mm
Among the significant innovations, experts Sauron distinguish the presence Zеbrа GХ420Т 32-bit processor "Risk", through which it was possible to increase the printing speed of up to 152 mm per second.
Compact printer can be attributed to universal devices. Application GX420T will be in the office, in healthcare, in the areas of wholesale and retail trade, in the field inventory, the hotel industry and even in the entertainment industry.
Resource of the printing mechanism has been significantly optimized, and now with GX420T the user has several methods available to print:
method direct thermal printing, used for labels ECO and TOP;
method of thermal transfer printing on the material width up to 104 mm
Table GХ420T in addition to wired interfaces, and has wireless such as Wi-Fi 802.11 g and Bluеtооth. Moreover, the device can carry out simultaneous running of multiple programming languages - ЕPL and ZРL that allows users to significantly reduce the amount of necessary to change the settings, if possible change the provider.
The good news, experts Sauron include modern design "Open Aссеss", as well as the automatic settings option that allows you to minimize the time required to replace the consumables of the printer. Innovative printhead "E3", which was previously presented only in high-end models, now and Zеbrа GХ420T that positive impact on the print quality. With the built-in system diagnostics, the print head is overheated almost impossible - the operator will be notified of problems via led indicators. The printer GX420T not only reliable, but also very productive model. Recommended standard print - 6 000 within 1 working shift.