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Motorola Solutions has introduced a new image - scanner Motorola LI2208

Offer type: salePublished: 27.11.2014
New Motorola LI2208 was a worthy addition to its range scanners equipped with the technology of image scanning.
As stated by the manufacturer, the new product is expected to be the replacement for the popular models - LS 2208.
Experts Sauron tested a new scanner and revealed several unique features that significantly distinguish the model from the competitors.
an Increased level of performance.
Motorola LI2208 is a rare combination of high performance and ergonomic design that allows you to meet almost any needs of users. The unique functionality of the device allows it to carry out the reading of a variety of barcodes with different surfaces. To purchase the device in Sautron.
Reliability and durability.
The scanner is equipped with an innovative electronic Board, which significantly increases the reliability of the device, as well as continuous operation. In addition, the scanner is constructed of heavy-duty, protecting it from damage and exposure to negative factors.
Quick start the device, the ability to scan without prior preparation.
The device is equipped with cables new format, which can automatically recognize the connected interface, which reduces the need to scan codes, which contain several parameters.
In Sautron also noted such a convenient feature of novelty detection over 90 keyboard layouts that are called to significantly accelerate and optimize the localization of the scanner.
In conclusion, it should be noted that, according to expert estimates, the scanner Motorola LI2208 optimizes and speeds up to 40 %. This is largely achieved through the availability of more flexible stand and increase the scan angle, whereby reducing the time for various manipulations with the equipment and, accordingly, a simple scanner.