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Zebra Technologies has developed a printer, based on customer requests

Offer type: salePublished: 26.11.2014
A company with a worldwide reputation - Zebra Technologies presented the printer, the drafting of which were taken into account all the wishes of users with regards to what should be a commercial printer of the middle class.
"The basis of design for all ZT200 series was based on a 30-year experience of our leading experts. We presented the best solution for printing that it is able to meet the growing needs of our customers," noted the company's representatives.
Looks Zebra ZT230 really impressive. A distinctive feature was its unusual folding cover that allows you to significantly save the workspace. The body is made of ductile metal, which guarantees the highest level of protection from damage. The front panel of the printer is equipped with a large LCD display with multiple language support.
As the main consumables in the printer uses thermal transfer ribbon - experts of Sauron. It features Zebra ZT230 include the following:
- Simple and convenient loading of consumables;
- Save workspace due to the innovative design of the cover;
- High quality printing;
- Productivity and performance of the device;
- Compact and original design.
In Sautron believe that Zebra ZT230 was able to absorb the best quality from its predecessor model Zebra S4M. Working with ZT230 does not cause any difficulties, can use it, even those who have not previously had to deal with the technology of bar coding. In addition, calibration of the device occurs when the first connection automatically.