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Motorola has released a multifunctional terminal - survivor

Offer type: salePublished: 25.11.2014
The American manufacturer has surprised everyone with the release of the terminal with the extremely long service life.
As representatives of SAURON, MC55 able to work within 5-7 years, which is a leading figure among modern mobile computers, exceeding their time is almost three (!) times. As noted by the developers, the model to treat the terminal class EDA. MC55 one of the most functional, secure and, importantly, a miniature mobile terminals.
Terminal Motorola MC55 osobine that combines the functions of multiple devices:
- Mobile phone;
- Barcode scanner;
- Portable radio;
- Digital camera;
- Mobile computer.
In SAUTRON note that the device applies to the models in business class and was designed to suit almost all needs of mobile employees. Despite the high level of functionality, working with the device is simple and does not cause difficulties.
High performance device is provided by a microprocessor XScale PXA270, the frequency of which is 520 MHz. The processor was specifically designed for mobile devices. Despite high productivity, terminal, has very low power consumption. To acquire the terminal in SAUTRON.
Among the innovations can be distinguished optimized compatible terminal with modern industrial infrastructure, security features have been expanded and improved subject to the system of exchange text and voice messages (the terminal is equipped with a high quality speakerphone, microphone and ADC). In addition, the device has support for 802.11 a/b/g WLAN, and Bluеtооth® 2.0 technology-enabled Enhаnсеd Dаtа Rаtе (EDR).
In conclusion, the terminal Motorola MC55 is a truly unique device. The model performs multi-mode data collection, barcode scanning, and performs fiction color camera.