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A Bank guarantee of 0.5 %. All regions.

Offer type: servicesPublished: 24.11.2014
Seller:Leonid Korotokov
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Address:Russian Federation, Volgogradskaya Oblast', Volgograd
A Bank guarantee of 0.5 %. All regions ! All within the framework of modern law (44 FZ, 223 FZ). All banks comply with the list of the Ministry of Finance ! . We provide professional assistance in obtaining Bank guarantees from the leading banks of the Russian Federation, included in the register of the Ministry of Finance and have the right to issue Bank guarantee, 44, 223 F3 from 01.01.2014. We work with over 20 of the most stable and dynamically developing banks across Russia. All transactions take place remotely and in most cases a visit to the Bank will not be required. Our guarantee is 100% tested by any government agencies! For prior approval, we will need a minimum set of documents.