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Zebra GX420d is the most productive desktop printer from Zebra Technologies

Offer type: salePublished: 24.11.2014
According to experts desktop printer Zebra GX420d is the best to date printer with a print width 104 mm
The device finds wide application in areas such as:
Retail and wholesale trade;
Health care;
- Warehouses;
Transport companies and courier services;
The hospitality industry.
The unique capabilities of the widespread use of the device due to the high performance printer is able to print more than 6,000 labels per day, and surprisingly compact dimensions - height 152 mm, length 209 mm
In Sautron celebrate the excellent compatibility of printer Zebra GX420d with any SOFTWARE. The device has support for such programming languages as EPL and ZPL. 32-bit processor Risk provides reliable and quality work GX420d for the maximum possible time.
Timely elimination of potential damage or malfunction was made possible thanks to a bright LCD display that proactively informs the user about the status of the printer, as well as about the current error.
The printer is equipped with a simplified system of ribbon that procedure optimizes the process of replacing the consumables. As the main consumables used self-adhesive labels.
Zebra GX420d is the updated model. Print speed has been increased significantly and now she is 152 mm per second. As noted in Sautron, the manufacturer was significantly expanded the list of options available to the apparatus. Among them, such as the ability to install a network card 10/100 Ethernet, a special automatic abrescia, the ability to quickly access the device settings. In addition, there is a possibility of installation interfaces Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, allowing you to easily integrate desktop printer Zebra GX420d.