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Sale of the equipment for beauty salon

Offer type: salePublished: 23.11.2014
Seller:Shapovalova Tamara
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Address:Russian Federation
49 items;
A total of 67 units;
The total cost for the purchase of - 1 185 914 rubles;
The total cost for sale - 703 900 rubles;
Total discount - 482 014 RUB
1. Workplace stylist double-sided black and white
Furniture made to order, on an individual project Material - Germany, baguette - Italy. Front mirror, wood, box with Swarovski crystals, 2 drawer tool, retractable table for client-Side side - 2 shelves with doors, large drawer, 2 plugs + 1 switch (you can install sconces on mirrors), mortise Cabinet, Hairdryer and brushing, 2 large drawers
115 000 R *2 PCs= 230 000 R- % 90 000 p= 140 000 R
2. Chair Barber ART black Image wizard Russia
Chair with a comfortable ergonomic chair, wooden armrests and innovative design ideal for hairdressing hall business class. Height adjustable by foot pedal up and down. The complete set of models: platform JX-A04/patrocle J403.
Size (SHG): h mm
8 900 R.* 4 pieces= 35 600 R.- % 15 600 R.= 20 000 rubles
3. Hair washing black and purple Over ginevra transparente Ceriotti (Italy)
Sink with chair, metal frame, finished in glossy black plastic. The sink is equipped with a deep ceramic sink with tilt adjustment and brass. The chair is made of plastic purple color.
Size (LxWxH): HH
58 000 RUB* 2 pcs.= 116 000 rubles- % 36 000 rubles= 80 000 rubles
4. Climate CIX 3000 Ceriotti (Italy)
Climate is used to speed up the process of colouring, perming and hair treatments, includes timer, thermostat, 5 stationary infrared lamps which are included separately. Specifications: 900W, 220V-240V. Mounting bracket height N.
40 894 R.- % 15 894 R.= 25 000 RUB
5. Susar Diamante Ceriotti (Italy)
Susar single-speed and 2-speed, designed for drying hair stream heated to the required temperature, equipped with timer, thermostat and switch speeds. Suswara has a transparent diffuser. Color of bracket - black. Specifications: 1000W, 220-240V, 50Hz. Mounting bracket height N.
12 280 R.- % 5 280 R.= R. 7000
6. Trolley for coloring black Panda "been Giotto Italy
Mobile hairdresser trolley for hair coloring. The trolley is made on a chrome rack, chrome Petrochem. Panda "been Giotto feature movable plastic panel with holes for brushes, bowls and fixing foil for highlighting.
Dimensions: 40(W) x 90(V) x 40(D)
6 050 R.- % 2 050 R.= 4 000 rubles
7. Cart Barber 615 black Wave China
Dolly hair black on the wheels, five drawers, additional hinged cover with bowl and holes for hairdressing tools. Material - plastic.
Size HH
4 047 R.* 3 units= 12 141 R.- % 6 141 R.= 6 000 rubles
8. Seat children Junior lilac-pink Image wizard Russia
Soft seat. Equipped with a strap clamp to the arm of the chair and additional protection of the surface of the seat from contamination.
Size (LxWxH): mm HH
1 050 R.* 2 units= 2 100 R.- % 1 100 RV= 1 000 rubles
9. Hair child seat black Ceriotti (Italy)
Barber chair for children black color; comes with metal footrest and chrome Petrochem.
11 520 R.- % 4 520 R.= 7 000 RUB
10. Cart professional Kerastase France
Cart professional is intended for use cosmetics Kerastase, in the cart provided by the Department for ampoules, masks, shampoos and tubes of various modifications.
9 700 R.- % 3 700 R.= 6 000 rubles
11. Cart professional L'oreal France
Cart professional is intended for use cosmetics L'oreal, the cart is provided by the Department for ampoules, masks, shampoos and tubes of various modifications.
8 500 R.- % 3 500 RV= 5 000 rubles
12. Showcase professional Kerastase France
Showcase professional, intended for sale cosmetics Kerastase, metal frame with logo, glass shelves.
19 400 R.- % 9 400 R.= 10 000 rubles
13. Showcase professional L'oreal France
Showcase professional, intended for sale cosmetics L'oreal, metal frame with logo, glass shelves.
17 300 p.* 2 units= 34 600 R.- % 18 600 R.=16 000 rubles
14. Showcase glass
HEIGHT: 2100mm, WIDTH: 900mm, DEPTH: mm
Differences of this model: - upper backlight - the rear wall cabinets - mirror; - at the bottom of the drive with two wing doors.
12 426 R.- % 6 426 R.= 6 000 rubles
15. Mobile forensics UV air recirculator Russia
The irradiator recirculator belongs to the irradiators closed. Thus it can be moved and it provides the highest degree of disinfection is almost 100% centuy. Very high requirements that apply to the condition of the air in these chambers as intensive care, burn, surgical and maternity wards. Recirculator emits ultraviolet germicidal radiation. It is this radiation is the most effective regarding preventive characteristics.
11 800 R.- % 5 800 R.= 6 000 rubles
16. The violet sterilizer Harizma China
The ultraviolet sterilizer, single chamber for a hair tool. Before sterilization, the tool must be washed with disinfectant solution. Sterilization time of 15-20 minutes on each side. Also serves as a storage room for manicure, pedicure and cosmetic tool after the heat treatment.
2 150 R.* 2 units= 4 300 p.- % 2 300 p.= 2 000 rubles
16. Washing hair EVOLUTION black Image wizard Russia
Washing hair EVOLUTION produced by Russian company "Image Master" has a black metal frame, white ceramic sink, adjustable angle, brass.
Chair black is made of high quality foam, covered with artificial leather. Has a chrome armrests with a decorative piece of leather.
25 510 R.- % 12 510 R.= 13 000 rubles
17. Pedicure complex
The complex is made to order, on an individual project.
Sofa Russia, wash-hand basin, Czech, foot bath - Czech Republic, 2 mixer - Germany, footrest - Italy, the complex is lined with glossy mosaic.
57 000 rubles- % 12 000 rubles=45 000 rubles
18. Pedicure apparatus Gehwol Germany the MOON (Gerlach)
Apparatus with Kruglov vacuum (60-100 lit./minutes-light indication). On the touch control panel - performance motor power (from 6000 to Ob./minutes). Motor power is reflected on the touch control panel, which is located at an angle of 25 degrees for optimization. Clamp cutters - automatic reverse.
Diamond cutters, drills and disposable caps as a gift!!!
78 750 R.- % 13 750 R.= 65 000 rubles
19. Professional compact manicure apparatus AURORA S Japan
The maximum speed of 35,000 rpm. The device is equipped with stepless speed regulator and switch the direction of rotation (reverse). For convenience, the master power supply unit can be placed on the working table both in vertical and in horizontal position. Nail apparatus is equipped with a foot clutch pedal regulating the speed of rotation depending on the degree of pressure on the pedal.
15 000 rubles- % 7 000 RUB= 8 000 RUB
20. Pedicure chair LUXURY ZD 845 China
Pedicure chair LUXURY drive. Adjustable height, backrest angle and the tilting is carried out using the remote control. Step bend mechanically. Compact.
Dimensions:160 x 64 x 62~75 see
Max load 150 kg
Upholstery colour: blue.
36 000 rubles* 2 pcs.= 72 000 rubles- % 32 000 rubles= 40 000 rubles
21. Pedicure cleaner Ultratech Russia
The device is designed to collect dust during procedures pedicure when using devices without a built-in dust removal.
The design consists of a support under the foot with soft medical-roller from a genuine and powerful (24 watts!) vacuum cleaner with a special dust bag, located in the lower part of the device.
5 700 R.* 2 pieces= 11 400 R.- % 5 400 R.= 6 000 rubles
22. Stand for pedicure baths Image wizard Russia
Stand for pedicure baths on white metal frame.
Size: (LxWxH) HH
1 800 R.- % 800 R.= 1 000 rubles
23. SPA bath with soft bubble hydromassage Russia
Comfortable handle for a pedicure. Unique floor Sea GrassTM simulating algae for a more sensual massage. Convenient handle for carrying and protection from spray. Maintaining the water temperature. In a unit: nozzle for removal of corns; brush to clean nails; coarse pumice;
fine-grained pumice; nozzle for polishing the surface of the nail.
4 900 R.- % 2 400 R.= 2 500 R.
24. Hot foot bath Germany
This device is designed to perform a variety of treatments for your feet. Hydro massage stimulates, relaxes muscles and improves circulation. When using the jets, there are three possible levels of intensity. To ensure that during the massage, water is not quickly cooled down, the bath also has a function of heating water.
5 400 R.- % 2 400 R.= 3 000 rubles
25. Table manicure Bridget white Russia - ST 03
Dimensions : D x X x W cm
5 700 R.* 2 pieces= 11 400 R.- % 5 400 R.= 6 000 rubles
26. Chair masters Senor beige Image wizard Russia
The chair of classical form with pneumatic height adjustable on chrome, patrocle with wheels. Equipment: low lift/patrocle on wheels.
Size (SHG): h mm
3 470 R.- % 1 470 R.= 2 000 rubles
27. Table 1013 Silver Fox China
Table for professional use on a metal frame in white with three glass shelves. Suitable rooms: beauty, pedicure, massage and SPA treatments.
Size (LxWxH): HH
7 095 R.- % 3 095 R.= 4