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Snow cleaning, snow removal in Kiev, cleaning roofs, removing icicles

Offer type: servicesPublished: 22.11.2014
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
The company "Ahold" is glad to offer you a comprehensive snow removal:
• Snow removal by hand
• Mechanized snow removal
• Cleaning of roofs from snow
• Removing icicles
• Loading of snow and ice
• The removal of snow in Kyiv and Kyiv region
• Remove ice, treated with chemicals
• Conclusion of contracts of service
Professional industrial mountaineering
• Cleaning of roofs from snow professional climbers.
• Removing icicles climbers or tower truck
• Use special equipment: shovels, axes, gouges
• Have all necessary licenses and permits for high-altitude work
• Sign a contract to permanent (seasonal) subscription service
• Priority service
• Flexible pricing policy
• Cars are allowed to enter the centre of Kiev
• Spend time convenient for you. We have day and night shifts.
• During severe weather conditions can be conducted around the clock.
• Telephone support during the work - day.
• Snow removal is carried out on a legal pad.
• Work in Kiev and around Kiev Brovary, Boyarka, Bucha, Kiev region, glevakha, Irpin, and other