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Cleaning of apartments and houses in St. Petersburg. The campaign till the end of the week!

Offer type: servicesPublished: 21.11.2014
The speed of life in our time is not always possible to find time to clean their homes. Ordinary housewife does not always have an idea of how many kinds of pollution can be found in the most ordinary apartment or a country cottage.
You can deal with:
• Do General cleaning in the apartment or house
• Bring order to the arrival of visitors
• To organize the cleaning in the apartment of the parents
• Remove trash after repair
• Clean the surrounding area from the snow
Try our cleaning services for apartments and houses in St. Petersburg, which have the following advantages:
• An integrated approach
• Advanced technologies and tools
• Professional, friendly workers
• Work at your convenient time
• Discounts for regular customers
Action! Hurry up to call the end of the week and receive a 30% discount!
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