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DISCOUNTS OF 15% ON MACHINES PROMA C 20.11.2014 on 28.11.2014

Offer type: salePublished: 21.11.2014
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Address:Republic of Belarus
Only we 20.11 on 28.11.2014 year on all products PROMA discounts 15%. If you order and pay!!
LLC "PROM-Bel - Belarusian Embassy of the Czech company PROMA CZ's.r.o., representing on the Belarusian market equipment Metalworking PROHM, woodworking, turning, milling, grinding, drilling, sawing, combined and other auxiliary equipment of its own production.
Metalworking machines PROMA equipment PROHM
Metal is one of the most accessible and widely used materials in construction and other fields, so the metal is still very developed activity. Metalworking equipment created to change the texture and shape of metal products finds wide application in modern industry. It should be noted that the metalcutting equipment is not limited to machines for processing metal. There are lathes, machine tools, which are indispensable when you need to make the item particular shape, size or straighten the edge of the metal. Metalworking machines from the company "PROM" Company "PROM" offers a wide range of Metalworking equipment at attractive prices. You can order the following types of equipment: lathes; milling machines; drilling machines; grinding equipment; tape machines and saws; guillotine; apparatus for welding and much more. Production of machines for metal processing carry out both domestic and foreign enterprises according to different standards, so this equipment is at present in a very wide range. Metalworking machines can greatly increase productivity. They find wide application in industry, because now seen a clear tendency to almost complete mechanization of production. Machining of workpieces using Metalworking machines is made from plastic deformation or removal of shavings. In "PROM" are specialists of the highest level who can advise You on any issues you might have, and will recommend a suitable model of the machine. The supplied equipment is constantly monitored, so our clients are offered the highest quality product at the best price. All machines are provided with the warranty and service.